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Agricultural and Equestrian Services in East Sussex

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Small Haylage
Round Haylage
Hedge Laying
Hedge Cutting & Planting
Paddock Maintenance
Muck Removal/Spreading
Stable Bases/Concreting
Riding Arenas

Groundwork and Drainage

We offer groundwork / landscaping services for agricultural or equestrian purposes, this includes everything from ditch digging, drainage, new tracks and roadways, or refurbishing old ones, ponds, riding arenas, gallops and all weather tracks.

Groundwork and drainage in Sussex

Groundwork and drainage in East Sussex

A land drain also known as a French drain, consists of perforated plastic drain pipes that are laid into trenches dug in the ground. Small stones are piled over the pipe and in the trench. This allows water to easily drain into the ground through the pipe. The pipe carries the water away to a different area. Land drains are used in an attempt to distribute water evenly over the land. Land drains used in gardens will drain the water to a central point.

Mole drainage is particularly effective on very wet, heavy soils. This drainage is used extensively in England and New Zealand for dairy farms and fields. A mole drain consists of an unlined channel dug with a ripper blade. The channel is formed in the clay subsoil and the sides of the channel are compacted. This type of drainage is appropriate for heavy clay soils and areas that don’t slope, which prevents any downward drainage. Ultimately soil that contain 35 per cent or more clay and less than 30 per cent sand benefit from mole drainage.

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