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Small Haylage

We supply quality haylage in either conventional small square or 4’ round bales. We can provide a contracting service for own crop haylage making, part or whole job, to suit your requirements.

Small Haylage Sussex


  • Do not expect to make good haylage out of poor quality grass – it should never be made from salvaged hay.
  • The final product normally has a pH of 5.5 and will have high residual sugar and low acid content, making it more palatable to horses than traditional silage.
  • Mown grass should be tedded and raked, similarly to hay, but lifted a day or two sooner.
  • A minimum of six to eight layers of wrap should be used, preferably more. Improved bale quality and a price premium will compensate for this.
  • Haylage bales tend to be variable because each bale is like a mini clamp. Using an additive can reduce variability by more consistent fermentation and reduced risk of moulding. It also delays heating and moulding of opened bales, extending the safe feeding period.
  • Control moles and cut at least 6cm (2.5 inches) above ground to avoid soil contamination.
  • Cover stack with netting to prevent bird and rodent damage.
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